Rural Ministries Annual Conference 13th May 2017
Whole-life discipleship



Imagine: My life, God's life, whole life.....

It's too easy for 98% of the church (all the 'lay people') to think that their contribution to God's work mainly happens in 5% of their lives (when we are engaged in church-sponsored activity). At least that is the impression we can give one another.

But the Bible is full of stories that show what can happen when God takes ordinary people and uses them in ways that they could never have imagined. What might that look like in our places, in our lives when we get a vision for whole life discipleship? Together we will be inspired, encouraged and challenged as we hear stories, rethink old truths and imagine what could be possible in the places we find ourselves in most of the time.     

We look forward to welcoming you.

Key Speaker: Neil Hudson, London Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Neil has been at LICC since 2006 and is director of the ‘Imagine’ Project. ‘Imagine’ works with churches as they engage in the challenge of developing a culture of whole-life discipleship. He was previously Vice Principal of Regents Theological College. 

Why come to the Conference?

  • Core biblical teaching
  • Workshops and seminar programme
  • Times of sharing with others from the rural mission field

2017 Conference rate and booking

The Rural Ministries conference cost just £30 per person including refreshments and a light lunch.


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