Look busy Jesus is coming

Look busy Jesus is coming


Just over a week ago I lost a good friend who led a Christian outreach organisation; his death was sudden and unexpected. I am still working my way through his sad passing, however his death has given me a renewed sense of urgency to make the most of every opportunity placed in front of me as a Christian leader, and not to sit around simply waiting for things to ‘happen.’

At a church service where I was recently speaking, we sang the Brenton Brown/Ken Riley song, ‘Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord’ and it struck me as I sang, that my own strength in God could rise not simply as I waited for God, but as I waited on God; as I actively sought opportunities to serve Him. The image of a waiter at a restaurant came to mind, always vigilant and going from table to table asking if people want to see the wine list, had chosen their main course or were ready for desserts. I was given the strong impression that the Lord was calling me to be vigilant, available and prepared – ready at a moment’s notice to do His work. 
My morning bible reading less than 48 hours later, was from the example Jesus gave of the importance of being ready, as recorded in Luke’s gospel (Luke 12:35-47), waiting for the master to return from the wedding feast. It occurred to me that in Christian leadership there can be a lot of things that hold us back or make us complacent, stuck in the status quo. We can be too busy and exhausted on the wrong things to be ready for what God is calling us to do. Sometimes the uncertainty of how others might respond fills us with fear, which can prevent our putting into action the very things that our Lord has called us to do. 

My friend died having achieved so much, but I know he would have liked to have done more for his Lord and Saviour. Whilst I am not suggesting that each of you reading this, should now plan for your own death, what I would like us each to do is to take a little more seriously scripture, which promises the return of Jesus, and with this perhaps inject a little more urgency into our leading. 

Half-heartedness and mediocrity have no place in Christian leadership; such things will never inspire others to take action and give of their lives, time and support. The reformed Baptist William Carey once said, ‘Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.’ Personally, I feel the call of God to attempt even more radical things for His sake, whilst anticipating that He will do even greater things than I can possibly imagine. I am planning as if Jesus will not return for another 1000 years, but I am feeling inspired to live my life as if he is to return tomorrow. I am going to be busy, because Jesus is coming soon.

Simon Mattholie