Rural Ministries is pleased to be able to offer one FREE copy of 'A Toolbox for Small Churches' by Hilary Taylor to each of our partner organisations and a discounted copy for all other readers. To order your copy please complete the details below and submit it to us. Already got a copy? Don't worry, we can offer you a choice of two alternative books, 'Outdoor Worship' and 'Simple Worship', by Sam & Sara Hargreaves. Just let us know which you prefer.

If you are not a partner organisation we will invoice you when we receive your order and dispatch will be on receipt of payment.

A Toolbox for Small Churches

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A Toolbox for Small Churches takes a number of aspects of church life, earths them in Scripture, gives real life examples from around the UK of how they are applied in practice, and provides tool to use in small churches today.

In spite of the regular research that suggests that healthy smaller churches are often more effective in reaching not-yet Christians, there is a great misconception that these smaller communities of faith are not really that important. For those who are daily living in the reality of the smaller church, this resource will certainly provide you with lots of practical encouragement and tools to assist you in your ministry and mission. For those who have not shared in this experience of being church, reading this might help you to understand and appreciate the valuable contribution many smaller churches are making.

Normal retail price: £7.95
Partner price: FREE
Other reader price: £5.00 plus £1.50 p&p

Alternative books

Simple worship

This is Sara & Sam Hargreaves latest resource book, designed to help Sunday gatherings and small-groups engage with God in simple, sustainable and deep ways. This 68 page, A5 full-colour book features chapter introductions on the following topics:

  • Simple Small-Group Worship
  • Simple Sunday Worship
  • Simple Sung Worship
  • Simple Contemplative Worship

Normal retail price: £6.00
Partner price: FREE
Other reader price: £4.00 plus £1.00 p&p

Outdoor worship

"Outdoor Worship" is a resource book of ideas an inspiration to help mixed-age groups, families and churches engage with God in his world. This 52 page, full colour A5 book features space for your own "field notes", plus biblical reflections and articles on how we can better relate to the earth.

Normal retail price: £6.00
Partner price: FREE
Other reader price: £4.00 plus £1.00 p&p

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