Over many years we have developed knowledge and experience which helps you run your church. If there is something that you would like information on but cannot see then please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Copyright and licensing

Copyright is one of those subjects, like health and safety, that many people wish would go away – but it won’t and it shouldn’t. Rather than being a ‘nuisance’ it can work to your advantage.  This resource sheet provides an introduction to the issue and gives details on the licences that your church may need.

Who Runs The Church?

At some point in establishing a new church, or reviewing the leadership structure in an existing one, some challenging questions are inevitable.

Creating a welcome pack

There’s no better way to make first time visitors feel welcomed to your church than giving them a prepared welcome pack as they walk through your church doors. In this resource sheet, we share some ideas of how to create a welcome pack, or make yours even better.

Model Constitutions

Rural Ministries have worked with leading charity legal experts to develop a model charity constitutions for both Unincorporated Charities and Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs).

Please contact office@ruralministries.org.uk for more information.

Church signboards and planning permission

Before you replace your church noticeboard or put up a banner for the holiday club make sure you are not going to fall foul of the planning regulations.

Ministerial Leadership Information


Whether you are a member of a congregation or a perspective pastor. Use these series of questions to identify perceptive needs and expectations of a congregation.