Our conferences contain valuable teaching on a range of subjects. If you have attended and want to listen again or are just interested then please see below. Presentations on older conferences are available on request.

Rural Ministries Regional Day Conference series 2019

12th October 2019, Beacon Baptist Church, Kilmington


Session 1: We’re not in Kansas anymore
Session 2: From in-reach to outreach
Session 3: From volunteers to servants
Session 4: From a church mindset to a kingdom mentality


Leadership Development Conference

2nd-4th April 2019, Hayes Conference Center, Swanwick

Session 1: Affirming and cultivating people receptive to vision
Session 2: Discerning and capturing vision together
Session 3: Implementing and maturing vision
Session 4: Sustaining and renewing vision

Rural Ministries Regional Day Conference series 2018
Mission as a dialogue: reaching your community

6th October 2018, Cinderford

Session 1: Where are we?
Session 2: Where is everybody?
Session 3: Where is God?
Session 4: Where next?

Rural Ministries Annual Conference 2018

8th-9th June 2018, Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire

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Rural Ministries Leadership Development Conference 2018

25th-27th April 2018, Cliff Conference Centre, Calver, Derbyshire

Session 1 Coaching and Christian Leadership
Session 2 Leading by Example
Session 3 Relating Healthily
Session 4 Encouraging Change

Session 5 Living Prayfully
Session 6 Developing Skills
Session 7 Being Resilient

Presentation by Simon Mattholie at the
Eastern Baptist Association Annual Conference 2018

Rural Ministries Day Conference series 2017
Church… more than a preaching station?

14th October 2017, Oswesty

Session 1 - Why care
Session 2 - Building a community of carers
Session 3 - Pastoral care as an outreach model
Session 4 - Pastoral care across the generations

Annual Conference 2016 - What kind of Church changes a nation?


Seminar 3 - Open the Book

The interactive nature of the Open the Book seminar and workshop means that it was not recorded so here is a video that tells you what Open the Book is all about.

Leadership Conference 2016 - Preaching for a change

Annual Conference 2015 - Growing Through Mission