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In 2018 we are running a new series of Regional Conferences around the UK. Our 2017 Regional Conferences were very well attended and we hope you will join us at one of these events. Please see below for details and how to book.

Our world has radically changed; we live in a time where there is a multiplicity of choices, a time when the moral codes and ethics are less than clear. It is a time of hurry and rush; a time when we seemingly know our neighbours less well, and yet conversely, we are more globally aware than ever before as media outlets flood us with news about what is happening on the other side of the world.

In this changing culture and context, it can seem like the inherited ways of church and mission are no longer bearing the same level of fruit that they once did. Sundays for many being a day of leisure, a day of visiting family which are often spread geographically over great distances, and a day for catching up on the household chores. Is it possible that we have become so accustomed to speaking the gospel to the world, that we have lost the importance of listening to our world?

In 2018, we at Rural Ministries are going to unpack this topic through our regional days, and explore together how a deep listening to our rural communities will help us share the gospel.

Each day will have four workshops:

1)      Where are we?
a)      What are we already good at?
b)      Where has your church got community touch points?
c)      Practical mission audit – Review, when, how and why of your church mission.

2)      Where is everybody?
a)      Understanding the local context; how to ask the right questions.
b)      Demographic research; how to read local statistics.
c)      Finding the ‘gathering point’ of the community.

3)      Where is God?
a)      What are the signs of ‘good news’?
b)      Who else is here?
c)      Undertaking a walk of awareness – practical task & reflection.

4)      Where next?
a)      Joining all the dots; beginning to form a strategy.
b)      We all have a part to play.
c)      Now, take a risk.

Dates and locations for 2018 

Each event starts at 10:00am (registration from 9:30am)
and will finish at 4:00pm

EAST: 10th February PAST
All Saints Church, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

St John the Baptist Church, Wellington, Nr Taunton, Somerset

NORTH: 8th September PAST
Trinity Methodist Church, Hexham, Northumberland

WEST: 6th October - in association with WEBA
Forest of Dean Community Church, Cinderford, Gloucestershire

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Regional conference rates and bookings

The cost for attending one of our 2018 Day conferences is just £15 which includes refreshments and a light lunch.

All bookings must be made through Eventbrite booking system - just click on the appropriate button below.

Please contact us if you have any queries.