Partner Content 

Rural Ministries has a range of material on important issues on leading, managing and developing churches and mission initiative. This information is only available to Rural Ministries partners but you can see the type of information that is available below.

To obtain a password for accessing the content please contact us.

Recruiting or working without a Pastor - This series of Resource Sheets covers all areas of managing without a Pastor and the process of recruiting one.

Life without a pastor - Before recruiting a pastor are there other models that you could consider?

Pastoral Search Questionnaire- Form to help Rural Ministries assist with your recruitment process.

Process for appointing a pastor - Steps your church should consider and agree as part of the recruitment process.

Assessing a potential pastor - How to prepare for meeting a candidate for the first time.

What a potential pastor should know - How to make sure you can give a candidate a full picture of your church.

Terms of appointment - Draft contract of employment.

Self declaration form - CCPAS form for positions requiring a disclosure.

Who cares about the pastor - How to look after your pastor so they can lead to their full potential.

What if things go wrong - Guidance on how to resolve conflicts if ever they arise.

Church and Community Surveys - Questions to help a church understand its community and those who attend the church.

Who Runs The Church? - An overview of different forms of church leadership structures.

Managing the Change Process - How to engage with all in the process of change.

What future for our church? - Ideas for tackling sensitive or challenging issues when the church is struggling to keep going.

Good Endings - a guide for Pastors on how to leave a church with love and grace.

Safeguarding Policy - Policy developed by CCPAS for use by Rural Ministries Partners.

Constitution for a Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO) - Model policy and guidance notes.

Constitution for a Unincorporated Charity- Model policy and guidance notes for Rural Ministries Partners.

Financial Practices - Guideline on how to establish financial review practices for your church.

Creating a welcome pack - Ideas on how to create a welcome pack, or make yours even better.

Copyright and licensing - An introduction to the subject and details of the licences that your church may need.

Church signboards and planning permission - Planning requirements for signboards, noticeboards and banners.

Ministerial Leadership Information - Help for prospective pastors and congregations assessing needs gifts and skills.