Campfire Church with the Wellington District Team Ministry

Campfire Church

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In October, the Wellington and District Churches Team Ministry held a special Campfire Church when 42 children and some of their parents came along. We shared a lovely time. The children began with a ‘walk of wonder’ when they explored the lovely garden and woodland of our host. They collected anything that appealed to them and stuck it to a card which they brought back with them and placed in the circle around the campfire. We ate hot dogs and toasted marshmallows between chocolate biscuits – healthy eating went out of the window. As we gathered around the campfire on a circle of strawbales, the children listened to the story of faith told by a farmer in his eighties. He gave each of the children a stalk of wheat and related the stages of its growth to their growth in faith.


We are blessed in the Team Ministry with a truly gifted and lovely man, John Young, who happens to be the organist at St John’s in Wellington. John led the children in song before the children closed the campfire celebration by leading the prayers. They particularly prayed for Selina, our Team Vicar and Missioner, who was recently taken into hospital suddenly. They led us with the Lord’s prayer and it was uplifting to hear so many young voices talking so confidently to God. It was a joyful and uplifting time.

Since then, the average Campfire Church numbers are 35+ children and some parents. We outgrew the original venue within two meetings and have now moved into a large pavilion which has outside play opportunities too. God responded to our initial concern about the hiring cost of the hall and a parishioner has pledged to cover the hiring fee for our twice monthly sessions.