The Point Hexham: The 'write' type of welcome

Welcome the write way……

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What is the vision and purpose of welcoming people to our Christian gatherings? The answer, is, of course, to lead people towards getting to know Jesus, either for the first time or once again.

We asked David Flavell, Minister of The Point, Hexham, to offer an insight to how they approach their welcome, his response is both creative and in truth confirms what we would all like to hear.


Dear Christian,

Thank you for inviting us to the party at your place last Sunday. We all had a great time.

I have to admit that I’d forgotten exactly where your place was, but I looked on your website and it had the time and the postcode on the front page – perfect – no need to go searching in the contacts section when that was all I wanted. Mind you, it was a bonus to have the dress code there – I wouldn’t have wanted to arrive wearing the wrong thing.

When we got to yours, the big banner helped us know we’d come to the right place, which was reassuring. The person outside welcoming us was a nice touch, and they were so friendly.

Inside, we met lots of interesting folk. The children had a super time, and you know how when your children are bored, you can’t settle? Well, that wasn’t a problem at all. They want to come again, and so do we.

We enjoyed the community singing and it was easy to join in with your band, especially with that projector you use.

The people we met talked to us a lot about this bloke Jesus. He sounds fascinating – we’d love to meet him.

Finally, I loved your coffee. Where do you get it from?

So thank you once again for your welcome and we’re going to come again.





It would be wonderful to receive such a letter, perhaps your church has?

Continue to be encouraged by the welcome you offer as a church, being mindful of the need to adapt and change to engage with an ever-changing culture around you. We have the opportunity to be a positive difference in our communities, being welcoming to all is part of that difference and requires trust that God will guide and help us in our journey.

Written by David Flavell, Minister, The Point.

This article first appeared in VIBE magazine May-August 2018