In addition to working with our Church and Mission Partners Rural Ministries works closely with range of complementary organisations to the mutual benefit of our partners. These strategic alliances allow us to offer resources and skills to more rural churches than we could do on our own. 

+ American Interim Pastors Ministries (AIPM)

American Interim Pastor Ministries (AIPM) is an all-volunteer organization that helps provide interim pastors or youth workers to UK churches that cannot afford or located suitable workers. Since 2000, AIPM has provided UK churches with 18 interim pastors and 25 youth workers. Thirty-six people have been baptized by these interim pastors. AIPM’S experience includes Baptist and other evangelical churches in the UK.

AIPM continually recruits candidates that will volunteer to serve in the UK by interviewing, screening, collecting profiles and assessments by referees as well as videos of sermons (for interim pastors) and videos of interviews. These are shared with the leadership of UK churches that AIPM is supporting. AIPM then helps volunteers with the visa and UK Border Security application process, police record checks.

In addition to general support of the UK church, AIPM volunteer pastors ideally help develop the church’s vision and strategy and work to develop a plan for growth so that over a period of 3 to 5 years the church to be able to have UK personnel.

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+ Eastern Baptist Association

The Eastern Baptist Association is a family of Baptist Churches situated throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge.

Our vision is for growing healthy churches in relationship for God’s mission in the East of England. Our fellowship together is so that we can encourage and resource one another for the work of mission, both for each church in its local context, and in things we might do together.

Every Church contributes to our wider mission in their own unique way by taking part in enriching relationships, developing ministry and enabling fruitful mission in its own area.

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+ engageworship

sama and saraengageworship is an expression of the Music and Worship Foundation (MWF), furthering the vision and values of MWF for a new generation. We aim to resource local churches for creative, innovative and world-changing worship; engaging with God, each other and the world around us.

MWF employ Sam and Sara Hargreaves to run this exciting initiative. This vision is achieved through a range of activities including: running training days and conferences, creating resources for churches, leading worship services and conference celebrations.

We are aiming to take people broader and deeper into all that worship can be and are committed to excellence and breadth in music, but also exploring other forms of worship and creativity in church. We are particularly interested in the intersection between worship and other areas of life - worship and mission, worship and the outdoors, worship and creativity... and so on.

Find out more about engageworship and MWF.

+ Fresh Expressions

FX logo In the late 90s churches of different denominations worked to investigate and encourage pioneering new forms of church expression. In the following decade these ‘fresh expressions’ developed and their importance is now widely accepted as being part of the mixed-economy of ‘church’. Although hard to define precisely, "a fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church" (Bishop Steven Croft, 2006).

Fresh Expressions (FX) encourages and supports churches in developing new initiatives and we are a movement that works on connections. Building networks and drawing people together from across the diversity of the church and from all kinds of experiences and perspectives. Through these networks we provide case studies, events and resources all geared to helping churches take action in their communities.

The FX 'Rural Hub' seeks to catalyse the establishment of new forms of church in rural areas that are effective in mission. Rural Ministries has been an integral and highly valued part of the Rural Hub from the start. More details about the Rural Hub are on the FX website.

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+ Northern Baptist College

Northern Bible CollegNorthern Baptist College is an up-to-date, two hundred years-old learning community. With deep roots in the Northern half of England we seek to equip women and men for leadership in the mission of God wherever they might be called - particularly in this part of God’s world.

It is our ministry to prepare others for a range of ministries: nationally accredited ordination in the Baptist Union of Great Britain; local church leadership; pioneer leadership or locally recognized ministry.

We have a rich history of innovation and creativity, having pioneered congregation-based patterns of training, ecumenical theological education and an approach to learning that is committed to academic excellence and rooted in the real world.

Find out more about the Northern Baptist College.

+ Time for God

TFGlogo Time for God started providing volunteering opportunities in the mid 1960’s, and we are pleased to say that Time for God is now of the most established ecumenical Christian volunteering organisations in the UK.

We provide quality volunteering opportunities, and we do this by working in partnership with Churches and Christian organisations for all traditions across the world and with other European and International Voluntary Service Organisations.

Each year Time for God hosts 100+ volunteers, who are placed into local communities where they will live and serve for a year. Our volunteers are truly international and represent over 35 countries over the last five years. TfG Placements are all unique, and cover a broad arena of spectrums (These include Churches, Hostels, Youth Activity centres and working with the elderly to name a few). Each placement is in the UK and has a Christian ethos.

Throughout the year Time for God team are proud to provide training and support. This is provided through volunteer conferences, placement visits and regular emails and messages to both volunteer and placement.

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+ Ugly Duckling Company

UDClogoThe Ugly Duckling Company exists to explore how you stimulate meaningful, spiritual, ultimately Jesus conversations in contemporary culture.

We have developed a number of tools to help churches and individuals engage with those around them including:

Puzzling Questions. This explores six of the most popular questions asked by those who are interested in spirituality but outside the life of the local church.

Table Talk. Table Talk is a conversational game which creates space to explore the big (and not-so-big) questions of life, articulateyour thoughts and engage with the opinions of others.

There are a variety of Table Talk packs available. In addition, there are also a series of apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Happiness Lab. A six week experiment that enables delegates to explore what psychologists, doctors and faith leaders say will make people happier.

Find out more about the Ugly Duckling Company.

+ Urban Expression

UE logo Urban Expression is an urban mission agency that recruits, equips, deploys and networks self-financing teams pioneering creative and relevant expressions of the Christian Church in under-churched urban neighbourhoods.

Urban Expression:

  • Is a pioneering mission agency.
  • Works in the inner city, outer estates and marginalised communities.
  • In concerned with under-churched areas.
  • Aims to plant new churches.
  • Operates through self-funding teams.
  • Encourages creativity and experimenting.
  • Is not interested in imposing models of church.
  • Provides pastoral support and training.

Urban Expression is a pioneering mission agency. Our purpose is to call Christians into mission activities in areas that are recognised as frontiers of mission work today, and to operate in an innovative way.

Urban Expression works in the inner city, on outer estates and in marginalised communities. There are many mission opportunities in other places, but this is our focus. These communities represent some of the most diverse and challenging environments for mission today.

Urban Expression is concerned with under-churched areas. We do not wish to compete with others or to work in areas that already have strong churches. We are interested in the gaps, where churches are weak or non-existent.

Urban Expression aims to plant new churches. Although we engage in various forms of mission, our primary purpose is to establish new communities of faith that will proclaim and demonstrate the gospel.

Urban Expression operates through self-funding teams. We recruit and work through teams but we do not provide financial support for these teams. Each team is responsible for its own support.

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