Rural Ministries experience of supporting rural mission for over 50 years has given us the experience to help leaders. A variety of tools and information for leaders is available to our Partners. 

If you are a Rural Ministries Partner please contact us to gain access this information.

If you would like to become a Rural Ministries Partner and work in the UK then please get in touch or go to our Partnering page.

Recruiting or working without a Pastor

This series of Briefing Sheets covers all areas of managing without a Pastor and the process of recruiting one.

  1. Life without a pastor
  2. Pastoral Search Questionnaire
  3. Process for appointing a pastor
  4. Assessing a potential pastor
  5. What a potential pastor should know

6.Terms of appointment
7. Who cares about the pastor
8. What if things go wrong
9. Good Endings

Church and Community Surveys

Questions to help a church understand its community and those who attend the church.

Financial Practises

Guideline on how to establish financial review practices for your church.

Managing the Change Process

How to engage with all in the process of change.

What future for our church?

Questions that can be used for both information gathering and assisting discussion.


Working with CCPAS Rural Ministries has a model safeguarding policy and supporting documents which we recommend to all our Partner organisations. 

1. Safeguarding Policy
2. Supporting definitions and information
3. Self declaration for potential employees