Regional Conferences

We appreciate that some leaders have trouble travelling a long way from their homes or churches and so each year Rural Ministries runs a number of provides a number regional conferences days held specifically for our partners and other organisations in a given area. 

Training days

We try to make sure our open events meet the needs our Partners need something more detailed and for their own membership. We are able to provide individual training days just for your church on a range of subjects which are listed below.

Each session last a whole day and the cost for each session is £160 for non-Rural Ministries Partners and £80 for Rural Ministries Partners. In both cases travel costs are also charged. If you would like to discuss Rural Ministries running a training day for your church or organisation then please complete a church enquiry form stating which subject you would like it to cover.  

Looking at leadership

Aimed at non-conformist and free churches, the day will be spent looking at the importance of leadership in the church, and helping you understand, design and outwork an appropriate leadership structure for your own rural context. Sessions include:

  • What do we really mean by “leadership”?
  • Leadership from a Biblical perspective
  • The need for leadership in any organisation
  • Leadership styles for a village church
  • Selecting the right leaders
  • Team work
  • A lesson learnt…
  • What next

Discovering our vision

Identifying and communicating a clear vision is one of the most important functions a church leader has. A vision is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve---a picture so clear and strong it will help make that result real. Every church has a vision, it might not necessarily be stated, but the Rural Ministries team can help your church discover, and refine and communicate your vision, aligning it to God’s vision, and helping your church to thrive. Sessions include:

  • What is your story?
  • What do we mean by vision?
  • What are the non-negotiables of your church?
  • Biblical vision – 4 stages
  • What is your un-stated vision?
  • Putting it all together

Strategic planning for the church

Many churches have a compelling vision, but have a view of planning that assumes that tomorrow is simply an extension of today. Through this creative training day, the Rural Ministries team will seek to help your church formulate a strategic plan of action, which will help you decide where your resources should be invested and used in order to achieve the vision God has given you.

  • The ‘strategic planner’ in scripture
  • Preparing a pre-flight check list
  • Where are we now?
  • Strengths, weaknesses and limitations
  • Understanding our church culture
  • How are we going to get there?
  • Setting strategic objectives for your church

Agreeing and disagreeing in love

Churches are not immune to conflict because they are filled with people who in their interactions with others, will at some point experience disagreements.  Too often conflict in the church can become destructive, because we either try to avoid it or because we don't know how to face it. The Rural Ministries team can help your church explore issues of conflict in a safe, non-threatening way, and enable your church to work constructively with conflict, remaining faithful to Jesus, and modelling Christ-like love for one another.

  • Conflict is part of life
  • A biblical understanding of conflict and reconciliation
  • Looking beneath the surface
  • Breaking the power of the past
  • Living in brokenness and vulnerability
  • How to listen well
  • From ground rules to reconciliation via Matthew 18

Becoming a healthy church

Like people, churches can be healthy or unhealthy. If churches in the countryside are going to grow, it stands to reason that they need to be healthy. But what does a healthy church look like? Based on work conducted by Robert Warren in identifying seven well-proven marks of healthy congregations, Rural Ministries will assist you in a process that will stimulate reflection and conversation in order to assist you in deciding what actions should be taken to increase the overall spiritual health of your church.

  • What is our church and how do we understand it?
  • Exploring the marks of healthy churches
  • Considering the church profile
  • What needs working on and what could we do?
  • Seeing the whole picture
  • Healthy churches exercise


If you would like to discuss Rural Ministries running a training day for your church or organisation then please complete a church enquiry form

Bespoke training

In addition to our normal training days Rural Ministries is experienced in running bespoke training on a wide range of issues. If you are planning a church day or weekend away and would like to discuss how Rural Ministries can help then please get in touch.

  • Leadership & team-work with volunteers
  • Discovering God's vision for your church
  • Change management in the church
  • Dying to live: Church closure and good endings
  • What are we good at - appreciative enquiry
  • Becoming your community's heartbeat
  • A Pastoral care as a mission tool
  • Mission in the rural context
  • Missional listening
  • Learning communities (forming and running)
  • Listening skills
  • Communication for a change
  • Conducting a church audit
  • Reaching out without dumbing down
  • Recognising and releasing others as leaders
  • Passing on the baton
  • Managing chaos (using email and social media as a church leader)
  • Emotionally healthy leadership
  • Time management as a rural church leader
  • An elderly blessing: outreach to and with 3rd and 4th agers
  • Giving permission to fail: encouraging pioneers and entrepreneurs in your church