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Get involved by using your skills

Missions and churches often have need of specialist skills such as ICT expertise, website design, accountancy, building maintenance/use, or relevant legal qualifications.  If you have some time to spare, a heart for mission and a specialist skill to offer we'd love to hear from you.


Get involved as a trustee

For a trust to exist it must have a complement of Trustees and as a body needs to be representative of what the Trust aims to so, and have a width of skills and experience to support and understand the work of the Trust.


The Trustees of RM have an opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God in a practical way, across the UK. There are legal obligations, and some responsibilities to bear; these are out weighted by the sense of serving and supporting the Church of God. We are cross denominational and try to be representative of the church to encourage understanding of all the different worship and mission settings. The trust board needs a range of skills and experience, from finance, business, and pastoral understanding. The term is three years, which can be extended in three year intervals.

If you feel drawn to this role please contact us.


Time to offer?

Even though we have a small but committed staff team at RM, we are often on the lookout for additional help from volunteers and we recognise the valuable contribution they make. From working on projects within our network, to helping out with administration, fund raising, organising conferences and events as well as utilising any specialist skills you may have to offer, we’d love you to get in touch.

Spare time

Get in contact with us

Click below and get in touch with a member of a team to find out how you can help.

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