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Introducing Jon Timms

Jon Timms, who will be working with us for the next year while Ali Birkett takes some time off after the passing of his wife, has joined the RM team, and we would like to extend a warm welcome to him.


As someone who is already a part of the RM network, Jon brings a wealth of experience to the table, having planted a Discover Church in Dunbar. Along with his creativity, I have no doubt that his passion for prayer and participation in the 24/7 prayer network will be a source of blessing and motivation for a great number of people. Jo, Nick, and I are looking forward to working with him, and we are excited about what the Holy Spirit will accomplish through him and through us in the coming months! Simon


You can reach Jon via email or mobile.


My name is Jon Timms. I live in Dunbar, East Lothian, right in the middle of Edinburgh and Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Dunbar is a small coastal community with a rich history and heritage. I moved here with my wife Emma and our four kids in July 2016, from Newquay in Cornwall - one Celtic land to another.


We lead a Christian community here called Discovery Church ( We are part of 24-7 Prayer, a global movement of prayer, mission and justice, where I also have a place on the Scotland National Team.


Along with some dear friends, we began this church adventure with a desire to pioneer something creative, fresh and life-giving in this beautiful corner of the world. We’re inspired to creatively live out simple community rhythms through our values and practices - Be True, Be Kind, and Go!!! And like Dunbar’s most famous son, John Muir, said of his home town, “….there’s no lack of wildness here.” And Rural Ministries has been part of this journey from the beginning. We connected in with many other individuals and churches through learning communities and mission hubs, which was hugely encouraging and formative for us.


One element of the ministry life that sets a fire in me, is to come alongside others in their journey, whether it be an individual, a community or a couple of friends with a wild idea; to accompany them and encourage them as they follow the call of the Wild Goose into further adventures along ancient paths. I seek to approach this pilgrimage with creativity and with a willingness to ebb and flow between what I consider the two essentials of the Christian life - prayer/contemplation/formation, and activism/mission/justice.


Aside from what I ‘do’, I love to get out into natural beauty and wildness, and thankfully Scotland and Northumberland has no shortage. I’m happiest up a hiking up a mountain or snowboarding down one; surfing in the sea; playing music on my guitar; sitting around a roaring campfire with friends, family and a strong coffee (or a wee dram); and scribbling down thoughts, ideas, musings, experiences and the odd poem in my journal.

I’m looking forward to getting many of you in the RM Network better over the coming year.

First published in MOSAIC Issue 12, January - April - December 2024


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